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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Second Grade Team

  • Welcome to 2nd Grade!

    Welcome to the wonderful world of 2nd grade! Second grade is an important year for learning and growing, while helping students learn to become more independent and responsible! Our main goal in 2nd Grade is to provide a nurturing and rich learning environment for your child, while helping them reach their full potential. 

    With Responsive Classroom as an important part of our classrooms, we value our 2nd graders’ social and emotional growth to be equally important as their academic growth. To learn more about our robust curriculum in 2nd grade, please visit the Arlington County Elementary Program of Studies. To learn more about when we are teaching specific curriculum items, please view our Second Grade Scope and Sequence.

    Whether you are an Adventurer (Ms. Allen), an Explorer (Mrs. Casey), a Mastermind (Ms. Meden), or a Tiger (Mr. Katoen), we are sure you will LOVE 2nd grade!



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